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FASHION Post – what to copy by the copycat blog

 the following pictures are inspirations on how to and what to wear and probably somethings to buy I am in no way Paid nor affiliated with the following companies…etc. http://www.alohamate.com/pd-newspaper-print-tube-dress-9682.cfm http://www.alohamate.com/pd-purple-satin-lining-blazer-jacket-1043-black.cfm http://www.alohamate.com/pd-multi-zip-pockets-8996-pvc-leather-jacket-brown.cfm http://www.alohamate.com/pd-easy-match-stripe-office-jacket-8872.cfm http://www.alohamate.com/pd-ruffle-top-tier-skirt-jersey-dress-9734-green.cfm jacket top link link for top

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My new Goodies and sugarpill lashes :)

(pictures borrowed from: http://www.sugarpillshop.com/blogs/news/1459842-sugarpill-official-makeup-brand-for-hello-kitty-35th-anniversary)   First of all   Sugarpill is proud to be the official makeup brand for Sanrio’s Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Celebration. The grand 3-week event took place at Royal/T Cafe in Culver City, California. Models lit up…

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