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NYX Cosmetics tango with bronzing powder review & swatches

Today’s makeup review is NYX Cosmetics Tango with bronzing powder when leopard gets a Tan. Below are a few pictures and swatches of this product. I got the bronzer online on ebay at my regular seller. I have a few regular sellers if you are interested as to what ebay seller sold me my NYX bronzer leave a comment below and I will inform you. The bronzer looks very much like the Too Faced Matte Bronzer that is currently very popular. This bronzer consists of a mix of 3 shades which are intended to be mixed together to get one shade. One shade is a pinky shade that is a blush, while the other two shades are actual bronzers. One of the shades are lighter while the other one is darker bronzer shades. It would be hard to just pick up one shade, unless you are using a q-tip.

NYX Cosmetics Tango with bronzing powder

The NYX Cosmetics tango with bronzing powder looks very much similar the Too Faced bronzer. When you compare the too, you will see that they both look almost identical. You get the bronzer in a very Versace like box that is very chic. I personally wish all my products came in a Versace like box. When you open the NYX Cosmeticscontainer you will see a small portable bronzer case that also has this NYX Versace like logo on it. The bronzer is very travel friendly,so  it’s not to big and can be carried even in small purses. Another practical thing is that the case contains a mirror and a standard blush brush for the bronzer, which I personally do not like since it’s flimsy. This collection of NYX Tango with Bronzing Powder has a few different types of bronzers where you can choose from.

NYX Cosmetics tango with bronzing powder Swatches

Makeup Review NYX Tango With Bronze Powder

The cons part of this makeup review of NYX tango with bronzer powder, are a few thing. The first thing is the makeup brush that you get with the bronzer. I personally hate it and tossed it our right off the bat. I mean why do they make such unusable and horrible quality brushes? I would even pay a bit more if the brush was better. The other thing which I didn’t like about the NYX tango with bronzer powder is how poorly pigmented it is, but unlike the Too Faced bronzer, it’s doesn’t contain a crazy amount of  shimmer/glitter which Too Faced bronzer does. I personally do not know why it’s even called a bronzer with that much glitter. The three shades, which I wrote about above, are mixed together you get a bronzer shade which is quite light. I am surprised that the bronzer comes out that light . The bronzer also gets a pinkish – red hue, probably due to the blush and bronzer combination

NYX Tango

NYX Cosmetics tango with bronzing powder review & swatches

To end this makeup review,  the main things were written below but you can also check out the video review for additional options of my review from last year. After using the bronzer for about a year now, I can say that the NYX Cosmetics tango with bronzing powder is a very sheer bronzer that isn’t bad for very fair skin tones, but if you are darker than that, skin this bronzer. Today I only use this bronzer on my cheeks if I want some additional glow to my cheeks, I do not use it as a bronzer since it’s too light. Would I repurchase this bronzer today? Probably not! Comparing it to the Too Faced Bronzer I think it’s better than it due to the smaller amount of glitter but this product was to light for my light skin and I think it would work on very fair skin tones best.

NYX Tango Bronzer

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