Miss Piggy Makeup Tutorial

Today I am showing you my quick Miss Piggy Makeup Tutorial inspired by Disney Muppets most wanted movie. This is a simple look that anyone can recreate for a Halloween makeup look or for a face paint party. I will also be showing you how to create Kermit The Frog face paint tutorial. The only thing which I didn’t show in the tutorial was how to cover your eyebrows. I am still going to make a video to show you how I do that it’s quite simple but you do have many online tutorials on to cover your eyebrows. It’s not hard but there are many different ways how you can achieve the same look. Besides that I do plan to do a few more character from the Muppets. Let me know which muppet character you like best?

Miss Piggy Makeup Tutorial Disney The Muppets

Miss Piggy Makeup Tutorial Disney Muppets most wanted

The products that I used: