Marilyn Manson Makeup Video tutorial

The biggest problem that I encountered with this Marilyn Manson Halloween makeup video tutorial look was that it took forever and going back and forward getting that correct distorted look that Marilyn Mason has. In the video I didn’t use contacts since I already wear contacts and I have to admit that I am not to trilled about colored contacts. The Marilyn Manson makeup video tutorial is a bit more creative than my other tutorials. I have been postponing this tutorial for some time now. I personally am not 100% satisfied but  I think for the first go it’s good. The products that I used in the tutorial will be listed below but during the Marilyn Manson Halloween makeup video tutorial. 

Marilyn Manson Halloween Makeup Video Tutorial

This Marilyn Manson Halloween makeup video tutorial does not have an over voice or specifics. I do show what products I was using but over all it might get a bit confusing in some cases. I hope to do more of these tutorials in the very near future. My plan is to try to make these kind of tutorials once a month. Such makeup video tutorial require a lot of time and editing what is extremely time consuming. I am going to focus more on Halloween topics where I can practice my special effects skills rather  then doing celebrity inspired makeup tutorials. If you have an suggestion as to what you would like to see in the future in my upcoming extreme makeup video tutorials please feel free to leave a comment below.

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Makeup Products: 
  • mac prep + prime
  • Mehron LT1
  • Snazaroo white face paint
  • Wet N Wild – had me at blue
  • Sigma Brushes Performance Kit & Essential kit
  • UHU Stick Glue
  • Essence Fix powder
  • Black eyeliner
  • NYX deep red lip liner
  • Essence Vampire Love lipstain #02

Dan O’Connor ( – Megacosm
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