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Makeup tricks: How to save your melted lipstick

It’s summer so if you leave your lipstick in your purse in a hot environment expect it to melt. Why? Well lipsticks are made out of various waxes and emollients so when your lipstick is not stored in the right temperature it becomes unstable. Some can be save, while other go beyond “saviour” texture but still might be able to be saved. So in that spirit that, here are a few makeup tricks for melting lipstick. Melting  lipstick is not fun nor do we want it, but don’t go into a full blown panic attack since I am here to give you a few simple trick on how to save your favorite makeup product.  One of our readers wrote to us:

My favorite lipstick melted, is there any way to save it? I left it in my purse in my car!

Unless it was your intention to melt it, here are a few makeup tricks on how to save your lipstick.

  1. If the lipstick is melted inside the tube and you didn’t open it, pop it into the freezer and let it freeze, after that you can take it out of the freezer and it will be brand new.
  2. With some brands once a lipstick is melted there is no return you can do a few things one: melt it down into a small container pot and continue to use it or toss it out
  3. Lazy? Then Get a new lipstick
  4. If it changed shape, pop the lipstick in the fridge let it firm up and then use a lip brush to apply it

You can save a lipstick once it’s melted but some lipsticks are made with different ingredients and harder to save.