If you always wanted to have big eyes like the celebrities you see on the covers of magazines, now you can actually get that look with a few makeup tricks. Don’t worry if your eyes normally appear small, because they can become bigger in a few minutes. You just have to follow a few simple tricks.

Eyelashes important makeup tricks for bigger eyes

Not everyone has naturally long and perfect eyelashes. If you are in this group, you have to curl the eyelashes before you apply the mascara. This simple trick from the many makeup tricks will open your eyes up. You can even curl the eyelashes after you have applied the mascara, provided that the mascara has dried. You may ask yourself what to do with the bottom eyelashes. There is no universal answer, because every woman is different and for some applying mascara on the bottom lashes can close the eyes, while for others it can make quite a difference. You have to try it out and then decide if you like it or not. In order to apply the mascara on the bottom lashes, you need to hold the brush in a vertical position and then glide it forth and back. In case you use eyeliner, you should try pencil eyeliner that is softer. You can smudge it with your finger and it will look more natural. Sometimes you can even try using fake eyelashes.

Makeup tricks for bigger eyes

One of the few makeup tricks for bigger eyes is how you apply the makeup shadow. Make sure to put a small amount of eye shadow at the inside ridge of the eye. That’s the spot where the lower and upper lids meet at, right next to the tear duct. The eye shadow should be white and it will brighten your eyes. This trick is very old and it is used by all the celebrity makeup artists.

Makeup tricks for bigger eyes that involve eyebrows manicure

Manicured eyebrows can easily transform your face. You may think that your eyebrows are fine and you don’t pay attention to them, and they stay as they are, never waxed or tweezed. Usually women are afraid to tweeze their eyebrows because they think they will over tweeze them or they don’t know how they should shape them. However, you have to be sure that you will look a lot better with your eyebrows tweezed. It is one of those makeup tricks that seem like a minor detail, but can change a lot in the overall appearance. Go to a professional that can give your eyebrows the perfect shape for the first time. Then, you can easily follow the shape by tweezing them alone with your own tweezers and they will look as good as the first time. You will look so much better and your eyes will get the shape you always wanted as well. The manicured eyebrows will make your eyes bigger and you will get your confidence back.