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Makeup for Zombies by Becky the zombie nurse (zombie halloween makeup 2013)

Today Zombie Halloween makeup 2013 was recorded by Becky the Zombie nurse. Becky is the zombie that you saw in the making of latest video of The walking Dead Zombie Makeup tutorial make sure to see part 1 if you haven’t see my latest Zombie Halloween makeup. Becky is a long time zombie that woke up in the apokalipse. She noticed tha zombie men, just like human men react to specific things. She wanted to share her zombie beauty tips and tricks in her latest video so make sure to view her latest video to see what she advice to newbie zombies in her new and probably only, Zombie Halloween makeup 2013.

Zombie Halloween makeup tutorial

In becky’s Zombie Halloween makeup 2013, you will find all the beauty and makeup tips and tricks that a newbiew zombie might need. Becky the zombie nurse isn’t really talented  when it comes to recording videos, since she recorded her Zombie Halloween makeup, in her new kitchen before work, but she is a very talented zombie nurse and makeup artist. Becky will give you very helpful tips on how to attract humans, hopefully you’ll catch a few with these tips. She also gives amazing beauty tips not only for hunting human but also for attracting that special zombie so watch her Zombie Halloween makeup for tips.

Becky zombie nurse in Zombie Halloween makeup

Becky the zombie nurse in her only time only Zombie Halloween makeup 2013 video will not only give you beauty tips and tricks on how to attract human for dinner and that someone undead zombie you got your eatten heart out for, but she will also give you excellent social media tips and tricks. In today’s fast life we all went online and look for love in Becky’s Zombie Halloween makeup 2013, get tips and tricks on how to attract good zombies online on ZombieBook. Becky gives tips on what kind of profile pictures you should upload and what kind of zombies these pictures will attract. She is an expert in Zombie love via ZombieBook. Besides that Becky the zombie nurse will be answers your zombie questions in her video Zombie Halloween makeup on ZombieTube.

Becky the zombie nurse tells all in on Zombie Halloween makeup

Well make sure to watch her one and only Zombie makeup, since Becky the zombie nurse is a very busy nurse and doesn’t get much time tup upload new video since the world is going to zombie hell and she as a nurse need to be in the hospital 24/7.  Make sure to ask her questions on her ZombieTube page underneath her new video Zombie Halloween makeup 2013, she will be answering all zombie beauty and makeup questions and also all personal zombie love questions such as, is zombie man into me? What is that zombie not calling me… etc. Make sure to leave all your questions that you might have as a zombie on zombietube under her video and Becky the zombie nurse will answer them in her comment section in her Zombie Halloween makeup 2013.

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(C)+(P) 2012 Blacksoul Music
Giano – Making Robots (Original Mix)
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Makeup products: 

#1 zombie pickup line!


Becky’s Advice for ZombieBook Pictures: 

Sweet Zombie Girl – Innocent Zombie Look (to attract humans)
Hello Sailor! Sexy Zombie Makeup (to attract zombie men)
Tough Love Zombie (to scare away evil zombies)

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