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Lime Cime Nail Polish & 25% Discount Code


Lime Crime recently released new Lime Crime nails polishes and these puppies are very summer and spring friendly! The seven new limited edition nail polishes are pastel colors that will suit all pastel lovers.I personally love all the shades but am not crazy about the pastel blue, green and purple. Here are a few more pictures of the Lime Crime nail polishes so that you can see if the lime crime nail polishes are what you would like to get. The interesting thing about these nail polishes is that you can find matching lipsticks to go with your nail polishes. I honestly like all these shade in lip colors. So if you like a specific Lime Crime nail polish shade check out their lipsticks.

Lime Crime pastel nail polishes

To my knowledge these Lime Crime pastel nail polishes are limited edition and won’t be available forever. So if you like the shades then I advise to stock up since I rarely see pastel color nail polishes. They seem to only pop up around spring time but only the lighter shades. On the other hand no pastel lipsticks are ever sold in drugstores, so stock up on Lime Crime lipsticks if you like the pastel shades since even though they are currently a regular product with time all products become obsolete and get pulled off the shelf. I want to know do you like the Lime Crime nail polishes? Have you bought them? Were you satisfied with the pigmentation and durability? Did they chip fast? Leave a comment with your experience.

If you like the Lime Crime nails polishes and would like to purchase them you can get them for $5.99 individually or you can get the whole lime crime nail polish collection for $39,99

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