My Last minute Halloween makeup tips will be about doing your makeup for Halloween literately at the last minute. This was inspired by my cousin that said, “I want something simple, fast and cheap!” I said Ok! So I told myself I want to use makeup that everyone has and that it can be used for Halloween makeup. In the end, I use one black eyeliner/pencil, a red lip liner, red and blue face paint, fake blood and a stipple sponge or a normal sponge. In the video, I did mention on how you can make your own home made fake blood. So, I hope you enjoy my last minute Halloween makeup tips.

Last minute Halloween makeup tips for newbies

On thing about the last minute Halloween makeup tips, they focus on a few looks, for example, Vampire,  newbie Zombie, beaten up person, sick person….itd. Basically anything that would required these kind of colors. I found that these few Halloween makeup looks would fit the season perfectly. One thing to notice, at the beginning of the video you will see my Zombie final look. I started adding makeup to show how you can go from a Vampire to a bruised person and in the end to a Zombie. Basically you can have 3 Halloween makeup looks all night long.

last minute halloween makeup tips for quick, simple and cheap makeup

In the upcoming makeup tutorial, expect to see last minute halloween makeup tips and tricks for a bruised person. Feel free to add “less” bruising in order to get a sick / ill person look.  The Halloween look is mainly adaptable to many looks which you can do.  I will be doing a dramatic Zombie makeup, but I am not sure if it will be out for Halloween. I will try my best, but honestly I do not think that it will come out in time for this Halloween. I hope that you will like these few very simple and very fast looks. I took in consideration that some people might be on a budget and only want to use what they already have in their makeup kit, or there sister’s /mother’s makeup collection. Make sure to tune in tomorrow for my next Last minute Halloween makeup tips part 2.

Products / Proizvodi

  • Snazaroo red face paint
  • Kryolan blue face paint
  • Snazaroo black stipple sponge
  • Normal white sponge
  • black eyeliner
  • red lip liner (NYX – Plush red)
  • fake blood

PART 1 (part 2 and 3 are below)