The Kryolan products for the trend look for fall.winter of 2012/13:

High Definition (HD) Micro Primer (available beginning in summer of 2012)
HD Micro Foundation Matifying Liquid
HD Micro Foundation Cache Palette #1
HD Micro Foundation Sheer Tan
HD Micro Finish Powder with silk protein and SPF 9
Eye Shadow “Sky”, “Night Blue”, and “Highlight”
HD Living Color Pigment “Jade”
Cream Liner “Ebony”
Mascara Long Lash “Black”
Eyebrow Powder
False Lashes TV 4
Contour Pencil K905
High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine “Wave”
*Kryolan nail polish products are available beginning in September of 2012.


How this look was created

“Blue Aura” is the name of the gorgeous fall-winter look by award winning American make-up artist Kevin James Bennett for Kryolan. In this upcoming season, ombre and “tonal” make-up are the statement makers and Bennett demonstrates
this trend by creating a modified smoky eye of unexpected elegance using blue as the new black. The focal point is a modern, intensively color saturated eye make-up, framed with a flawlessly perfected complexion.
Kevin James Bennett, winner of 2 Emmy® Awards, is famous for his technique of creating radiantly beautiful complexions
that frame his make-up art. “Make-up becomes fascinating and quite memorable when there is one featured element”, is his credo. “And smooth, perfected skin is the ideal backdrop.”
To obtain the ultimate in natural foundation, veteran pro artist Bennett relies on high definition make-up for his work in all media formats (film, video and photography) – also for everyday looks.
As a base, Bennett applies HD Micro Primer to insure the perfect foundation application and extended wearability. After the skin is primed, he applies foundation only where it is necessary. For his trend look, Bennett recommends the soft focus appearance of HD Matifying Liquid and chooses a shade that matches the model’s natural skin color exactly. Immediately upon application, this delicately matifying foundation with micronized pigments looks satin-like and creates a “second, lovelier version of your own skin,” as Bennett describes it.
As next step, foundation guru Kevin James Bennett contours the face. With HD Micro Foundation Cache, he creates a strong brightness in the center of the face and the tops of the cheekbones. Instead of blusher, he shades the face below the cheekbones with HD Micro Foundation Sheer Tan in a tone somewhat darker than the foundation itself. This imparts warm radiance and subtle depth.
Next fall and winter, the trend will go toward a more matte finished complexion, which is why he sets the makeup in the next step with invisible, ultrafine HD Micro Finish Powder.

Creation of an ombre eye make-up requires graduation of various shading levels from a single color family. Bennett creates his exotic multi-dimensional teal trend color using two cool matte blue shades and a shimmering, jade-green pigment.
“Sky” Eye Shadow in dynamic sky-blue is applied onto the entire eyelid, blended into the crease and continued under the lower eyelash line. “This is how”, Bennett says, “we create the modern round form which is very fashion forward.”
On the outer third of the lid and in the eye crease, Bennett blends a blue-black “Night Blue”, toward the center of the eye until it disappears into the “Sky” eye shadow. The final step to create the ombre effect is a translucent layer of “Jade” HD Living Color Pigment, distributed very delicately with a brush over the entire shadowed area and below the eye along the lash line. The effect is sensational: an intensely saturated blue-green frames the eyes in a multi-dimensional aura like a dazzling teal jewel.
Definition is achieved with Cream Liner in ebony black along the upper eyelashes and along the waterline of the lower eyelid, accentuating the white of the eye and adding more depth. Mascara is applied liberally to the eyelashes. False Lashes made with genuine hair are added to the upper lashes to create more drama but are not obligatory.

The lips remain nude so they will not compete with the eyes for attention. They are shaped and defined with a Contour
Pencil, and then as final step colored with High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine in “Wave”. It returns the natural beige tone to the lips yet appears soft and glowing.

Ultramarine-blue nail polish goes onto the nails. Eyes and nails are colored in complimentary shades of blue. Whereas the eyes show a metallic shimmer, the nails are enameled in a modern satin-matte finish. For a maximum of elegance, the nails should be moderately short and filed in natural shape.
The key tip from top-pro Kevin James Bennett for a sophisticated look such as “Blue Aura” is: “The make-up must look seamless. Blend, blend, blend – and if you think it looks good, blend a little more”.