First of all sorry for the super late 3rd part of Kornati… I was on my summer vacation and I basically ran out of writing time since I was travelling a lot 🙂
Here is the finally 3rd part. ENJOY

So we sailed and sailed in to the wilderness. The further we got from civilization the happier I got. the sea was mainly calm until we hit “open water/sea” basically that means that the sea isn’t “protected by any islands and that the wind is much stronger… So exciting…. 🙂 Well it should be but when you don’t have the “tradition” to be on a boat at all this can be a scary event.
Since it was a windy day and the weather report was windy with 12 along the coast and 30 knots on the open sea, it kinda got rough….
It was like a roller coaster…. I seriously got scared even though I knew that the boat was sturdy and safe. The boat was being “thrown up and down” by the waves. My friends informed me later that we were thrown up about 2 meters with each wave that we encountered. My girl friends, fishermen daughters, had so much fun. I couldn’t even stand on my two feet. With each new wave my knees started to shake. I had to sit down. I didn’t get sea sick (YEAAAAAH). I just was frightened that we might tilt over. I knew where the life vests were, so I was calm.
The boat kept going up and down and I couldn’t wait for the “tour” to end. The skipper was showing us around the island Kornati… It’s beautiful.. but would have been even more beautiful if it wasn’t so damn windy…
We finally headed back and once we were going with the waves it was much easier to sail. When you are going against the waves it’s a crazy ride.

After that we got to the Island

When we got off the boat, we were told about this “salt lake” we went and took a look but in the end we ended up swimming in the sea… I prefer the sea over a lake anytime. 
here are a few pics 

entering the “Kornati area” “the gate” 

Where we docked out boat on Kornati. 

the path to the salt lake 

Old houses still in use 

the donkeys that live on the island

One followed me 🙂 So Cute <3 I called him Love Bucket… 
do beware that donkeys tend to be aggressive if you annoy them. 
The donkey that we took a picture of, got angry and hit the floor 2 times with its hoof. This is a warning that your to close and that he’ll hit you if you don’t back off. 
I understand why the donkey was angry. It has its young right next to her and it was being over protective. It was afraid that we would harm or take the baby donkey away. Mommy donkey was protecting its young :)))
And if you feed the donkey it will follow you.. don’t push it… it might bite you… if it bites you! you’ll end up in the ER … or you might bleed to death… depending on how bad the bite is… 

the salt lake

where we ended up swimming 

We were told that lunch was going to be on the boat around 2pm. Lunch is included in the price. So, basically we had about 3-4 hours to do whatever we wanted to do on the island. The island does provide you with a few restaurants located right on the docks and there are a few souvenir stands you can buy. 
We ended up swimming and enjoying the sun. 
We got a big fish for lunch with two pieces of chicken, bread and cabbage salad. To be honest there was more then enough to eat. You were also offered wine red or white by preference. Everything else had to be bought. 
 I really enjoyed the meal 🙂 I couldn’t eat the chicken since I was stuffed 🙂 
I think that the staff should ask the people what they would like to eat chicken or fish. They might save some money on the meals 🙂 
I really do recommend this trip, I do not think that the price is steep looking at what is all included.
I really enjoyed it and will probably go next year but this time I will make sure that it’s a nice warm sunny day with not winds in site 😉 
Have fun sailing and have a great summer