Katy Perry Roar Makeup Tutorial Official Music Video Lyrics

Katy Perry released a new album #ROAR and here is my makeup tutorial of the official music video lyrics. The makeup was inspired by the trailers that were showing for example, the white cat, Katy’s burning her old teenage dreams blue wig, the funeral scene and the scene where Katy Perry was in that tiger jacket, totally awesome and so Karate Kid Jacket. I am not sure what is up with the choker, since they haven’t been trendy since the 90s, kind of reminds me of Nancy from the Craft, I plan to do that make this year! Besides that I really liked Katy’s new image and found it to be more adult than her previous images.

Katy Perry roar makeup tutorial

Katy Perry roar makeup tutorial features a purple eyeliner and a purple lipstick. In Katy’s trailers you can see that she wore purple eyeliner and lipstick while the rest of her face had a simple contouring and in my opinion lightly bronzed. She was going for that dark rock chick makeup look and in my opinion did complete it with the choker but to not go all dark rocker chick she kept it a bit pop star with the super cool tiger jacket, which by the way I want! The look is so simple and easy to recreate that you really can’t go wrong with the makeup. This is something that I would wear on a daily base or even for a night out.

Katy Perry roar music video lyrics makeup

The new song Roar was released yesterday and I wanted to know what do you think of the song? Have you heard it? Do you like it? or is it just not like the Katy we know! I am asking since Lady Gaga did a big turn in her appearance as an artist and is not very different and I am not sure how I feel about the new Lady Gaga. I understand that every artist must change her image but leaves me wondering. Katy Perry roar music video lyrics was released yesterday and at the end of the video you can see Katy Perry bathing in a bath and it turns out that she was the one writing the lyrics or better said texting them with someone. At the end of the video you see another cat and the scene ends. I wonder if lyrics videos mean that no official music video will be made? Besides that I will list below the products that I used in my Katy Perry roar makeup tutorial.




  • NYX lip liner – purple rain (part 1) (part 2)
  • Rimmel lipstick – 085 royalty