Jennifer Hudson Dramatic Weight Loss Healthy or Just Way To Much

picture by: Left: before / Right: After

Jennifer Hudson Dramatic Weight Loss is absolutly, based on my personal opinion, HORRIBLE! She went from HOT to NOT! I liked it before and thought that she looked better when she shed off that extra weight without looking like she was starving. This is the third dramatic weight loss move that she made in a short period of time. The woman was built to be curvy. Since when is it not OK to be curvy? Looks like Jennifer Hudson Dramatic Weight Loss is liked by most, but I am going to be honest and say you are too skinny. It doesn’t look natural and it looks like someone sucked the life outta your body. If I were her, I would worry about that dramatic weight loss coming back and haunting me. You have to accept what God gave you curves and love your them. Jennifer’s Hudson Dramatic Weight Loss might be sending a wrong message to young teens that are fighting with weight issues.

I know that she doesn’t care and I assume she lost weight just to get more work (or wanted to), since that is Hollywood, but come on! I really would like to know is she truly happy! I thought that she looked great in the picture below. She did have some extra loving but it suited her! She looked good. I would even understand if she lost 5 more kilos, but she lost 10+ what I personally think was way to much. Jennifer Hudson good luck with your new weight. I hope you are eating well and not over doing it.

Before.. when she looked hot! Look at those curves! Amazing!


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  • D-A
    April 25, 2013

    God didn’t give her curves, eating too much gave her curves.

    I like woman with a little meat on their bones but don’t get confused we aren’t naturally meant to be curvy, our bodies are meant to be lean with very little fat on them.

    I think she looked good before and still looks great, she now just looks healthy and not over weight.

    • Smashinbeauty
      April 25, 2013

      it probably takes a while for people to get used to the dramatic change.

  • suzan
    February 21, 2012

    brilliant piece of writing.. I honestly enjoyed going through it all, and many thanks for the tips and information !!

    • Smashinbeauty
      April 15, 2013

      It’s just my honest opinion. I might be wrong but it is what it is!

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