How To: Bubble Ponytail

Update your boring ponytail to something flirty and fun a how to bubble ponytail. MissJessicaHarlow did this amazing yet very simple video on how to make a bubble ponytail. When you find out how easy it is, you will want to make it constantly. I was looking to find the best hair tutorial for this bubble ponytail hairdo that is ideal for summer before and after the beach. You just need a few rubber bands and you are set.

What you need for Bubble Ponytail

  • small elastic rubber bands

Step By Step Hair Tutorial for Bubble Ponytail

1. Pull your hair into a single, sturdy ponytail.

2. Move down your hair about 2 inches and slip on a small rubber elastic band, repeat the step until you reach the end of your hair.

3. While doing step number two, gently pull the hair between the elastic band to create a bubble effect.