rhinestones attached on some two-sided tape which was taped on to the plastic cover
Back picture: also taped on to the plastic cover
3 weeks for EU delivery as expected 
air bubbles appeared under the back cover 
I thought the rhinestones would have been glue to the plastic case but they are just taped. 
what means that with in a week they will start falling off and I will have to super glue them back on.
I do not know how long the back picture will last before it starts to fade or before it gets torn. 
Over all the cover is really cute, but to be honest I would never but it again, at least not at that price.
My honest opinion is that this cover should have cost less.

I got this on ebay from China If you want the seller contact me

I have contacted the seller with my complaints. 
I bought this product with my own money, I was not paid to give a review of this product nor am I affiliated with the ebay seller.