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Hed Kandi Nail Varnish Makeup Review & Swatches (Models Own)


Hed Kandi nail varnish makeup review & swatches are here!! If you don’t know who Hed Kandi , let me tell you in a few words. Hed Kandi the most stylish record label in house music, which is UK based record label and Mark Doyle established it in 1999.  I got a few all five of Hed Kandi nail varnishes to do a makeup review and swatches. Knowing them as a record label, I know that they always offer top-notch quality music so now let’s put their new beauty products to the test. I usually grade products based on overall quality, pigmentation and comparison to my other similar beauty products. So today I will get this long awaited Hed Kandi nail varnish makeup review and swatches a go!


Hed Kandi Nail Varnish (Models Own)Makeup Review & Swatches

Today’s makeup review of Hed Kandi Nail Varnishes is shades: Balearic Cool, Hedonist, Disco Heaven, Beach Party and Ibiza Mix. The names don’t surprise me since they are in sync with the record label music. Hed Kandi has collaborated with the brand Models Own for their Hed Kandi nail varnishes. In this makeup review I will not show you how to combine the varnishes, only swatches. So let’s get down to what I wanted to know. I wanted to know how many coats of varnish do I have to get before I see the true color, how long does it take to chip and can it be combined with the other nail varnishes that were in the set. continue reading for my makeup review of Hed Kandi nail varnishes and swatches. 

Makeup Review Hed Kandi Nail Varnishes Ultimate Party Nails

Ok long intro, I know! Now to the makeup review of Hed Kandi’s nail varnishes. I love all the nail polish colors from Hed Kandi. I have to admit that the red and orange are much brighter than what I expected. I love how you really need only one coat to get a good pigmentation. I apply two coats to get that screaming shades, even though one coat is fine. The blue varnish needs two coats. The last two Hed Kandi nail varnishes for this makeup review are the glitter ones, which are my absolute favorites. I rarely find a glitter varnish that is of good quality. Hed Kandi puppies can go on alone and look awesome. I recommend two coats to get that really pop! When missing with the other Hed Kandi nail varnishes you will get the perfect party nails. I personally love combining the golden glitter with the red and orange varnish. Now let’s talk about the second part of Hed Kandi nail varnish makeup review!


Hed Kandi Hedonist Nail Polish / Nail Varnish

 Hed Kandi Nail Polish Swatches Balearic Cool, Hedonist, Disco Heaven, Beach Party and Ibiza Mix

Let’s complete the Hed Kandi nail varnish makeup review. The nail varnishes are very vibrant and as I wrote earlier only need one coat (especially hedonist and beach party). The color payoff is beyond what I expected to be honest. The varnish goes on with easy. The nailbrush high quality and is just the right size, it’s so easy to work and is STREAK FREE! Never had such a good nailbrush like this! A few more important things to mention in this makeup review of Hed Kandi nail varnishes is that Hedonist dries on the matte side, beach party dries glossy while Balearic Cool dries glossy. The good thing is that the varnishes dry really quick, what I L-O-V-E! The last thing to mention would be the price. Each nail varnish sells for 5.00. I think the price is really good considering the quality. This completes the makeup review of Hed Kandi nail varnishes.


Hed Kandi Nail Varnish Balearic Cool

Personal favorites: Beach Party, Hedonist & Disco Heaven


  • Extremely well pigmented
  • Dries fast
  • Glossy and matte finishes
  • Good price
  • Fun & bright colors
  • Nailbrush is amazing!!!
  • Available to buy online
  • Available in drug stores


  • might not be easy to buy everywhere in the world

Overall Rating: 

Buy: hedkandi.com / boots / modelsown


Hed Kandi Nail Polish Beach Party

Your thoughts

Do you own any Hed Kandi beauty products? Do you have model own nail varnishes? Are you going to buy any of the nail varnishes? Which shades are your favorite? 


Hed Kandi Disco Heaven Nail Varnish


Hed Kandi Ibiza Mix Nail Polish


Hed Kandi Nail Varnish Swatches (L – R)

Disco Heaven, Ibiza Mix, Hedonist, Beach Party, Balearic Cool  



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