Gyaru Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2013

I believe that this Halloween, Gyaru Halloween Makeup  tutorial will be trendy! Here is a look that I recreated myself into a Gyaru look. I was inspired a long time ago to do this look but never really got around it. This is a very simple and easy Gyaru Halloween Makeup tutorial Look to do. Even though I haven’t made a tutorial for this look I still will explain in a few simple steps on how to get this look. I will also include a list of beauty products, which I have used to get my gyaru look. Hopefully this tutorial (with no pictures) will help you make a Gyaru Halloween Makeup Look for 2013.

Halloween Makeup Tutorial inspired by Gyaru

Ok to get my Gyaru Halloween makeup tutorialI will first give you a step by step written tutorial which will be very easy to follow after which I will give the list of ingredients that you need to complete this look. This is a simple Gyaru Halloween Makeup tutorial look that everyone can do. It will give you a cute look. If you want you can add a pink or any other kind of wig to give the look a more fun animated kinda of touch! so, here is the makeup product list first after which I will give a step by step tutorial for this years Gyaru Halloween makeup tutorial.

Gyaru Halloween makeup tutorial

Makeup products:

  • concealer
  • foundation
  • mascara
  • thick long fake lashes
  • lip liner
  • eyeliner
  • nude or pink lipstick
  • lipgloss
  • pink blush

Gyaru Halloween makeup tutorial

  1.  Conceal any visible flaws on your face such as under eye bag, acne…etc
  2. Apply a foundation 1 coat lighter than you usually wear
  3. Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks
  4. outline your lips and fill them in with a nude or pink lipstick
  5. apply lip gloss
  6. apply eyeliner in that matter so you make your eyes drop. you want your eyes to look sad and droppy
  7. apply your fake lashes following the pattern of the eyeliner
  8. apply eyeliner a bit lower on your bottom lid, to get the effect of bigger eyes
  9. apply fake lashes on the outter corner of your lower lid