From Bump to Baby: Maternity Clothing Essentials

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From the moment you start to show, the importance of maternity wear begins. While many get away with wearing their usual clothes for a few months, it’s always handy to prepare yourself for when baby starts to grow at a rapid rate and you start to look like you’re smuggling a water melon under your jumper. Time flies by so quickly that, before you know it, you won’t be able to see your feet for bump and you’ll hope your maternity wardrobe is equipped enough to compensate.

While some new clothes specifically made for pregnancy are essential, try to avoid spending over the odds for the items. After all, you’ll only actually get a few months wear out of them, so there’s little point spending a fortune. Another point to consider is that, even after baby is born, you’ll probably need to continue to wear your maternity clothes for a little while longer. While many women are lucky enough to get into their old size 10s within a couple of months, we’re not all made that way and maternity jeans are likely to see a few more weeks of wear yet.

Check out this list of essentials to ensure you have all bases covered and ready to help you and your growing bump to be as comfortable as possible.


Versatile jeans are a maternity essential. In fact, buy more than one pair – they’ll become your wardrobe staples. With a great range of maternity jeans to wear available from George at ASDA, you can take your pick from various designs and styles, including under-bump skinny jeans for £16 and over-bump bootcuts for the same price. Whatever your style, there’ll be denims to suit you.


Invest in a pair or two of plain black leggings too, with over-the-bump support to keep you comfortable. Perfect with a long tunic style top or to go underneath a wrap dress, leggings are a vital addition to any maternity wardrobe.


A good selection of tops is necessary, so that you have plenty of options to choose from to suit your plans for the day.

Simple T-shirts will work fine for casual days, such as the maternity bubble hem top, or the amusing Keep Calm and Push T in bright red, both available at ASDA for £8 each.

If you have the chance to dress up, make sure you do. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t make the effort to look glamorous. The maternity lace panel tunic and the maternity sheer blouse would be perfect additions for these opportunities, priced at £12 each at George.


As you progress through your trimesters, make sure you take the time to be measured properly, because your boobs will grow, a lot. Invest in some quality bras that offer support and comfort. If you’re planning on nursing, pick up some nursing bras to ensure the process is as easy as possible.


With essential clothing, combined with the use of bump bands and belt extenders to help your clothes grow as you do, you can be confident that your outfits will keep you, and your belly, covered and comfy.



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