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Flormar Wild Makeup Collection Winter 2012

Flormar Wild Makeup Collection Winter 2012

Flormar Wild Makeup Collection Winter 2012

Sometimes you just get inform to late but I wanted to introduce you to the Flormar Wild Makeup Collection Winter 2012. I have been quite occuped with new upcoming mardi gras (european halloween) makeup and Bears & Honey event, so I use ran into this update and decided that it deserved 5 minutes on my site. The Flormar Wild Makeup Collection Winter 2012 contains six single eye shadows, six nail polishes, 5 lipsticks, a mascara and powder. I do want to note that even though this is the winter 2013 in most european countries the collection just rolled in so that is why I decided to write about it. The new collection was inspired by wild animals and exotic plants.

Flormar Wild Makeup Collection Winter 2012

Flormar Wild Makeup Collection Winter 2012

Flormar Wild Collection Nail Polish 

The nail polish shades mimic nature’s colors. The shades contain shimmer metallic colors with glossy finish. The texture of the polishes is smooth and long lasting. The nails polish has a quick drying formula. Each bottle contains 11ml of nail polish. Shades:

  • silver,
  • steel,
  • green,
  • emerald,
  • magenta,
  • purple

Flormar Wild Collection Lipstick

These lipsticks are  Paraben-FREE, have a rich and creamy texture that moisturizes the lips while giving perfect coverage. The lipstick has a glossy finish. The texture and formula of the lipstick gives a silky softness and prevents dry lips. The formula contains:  vitamin F, shea butter, cocoa butter and avocado oil. Each lipstick contains 4.2 g. Shades:

  • dark
  • light pink,
  • plum,
  • coffee,
  • milk
  • nude shade

Flormar Wild Eyes Mascara Collection

The new mascara not only as a modern 3 fiber balls brush, but it also ensures that you have long anf ull lashes. this mascara is also paraben-free. The packaging contains 11 ml of mascara.


Flormar Wild Collection Compact Powder

The extremely delicate, soft and long lasting powder provides a perfect look for all day long. The powder also is also paraben-free. The powder comes in three shades and contains 10 gram of product.


Flormar Wild Collection Blush

The blush highlights the cheeks, mimicking dewy skin. The blush is also paraben-free. the blush comes in two shades and contains 9 grams of product.


Flormar Wild Collection Eye Shadows

The Flormar Wild Collection eye shadows have a natural, soft and silky texture. The new eye shadows come a very festive wild packaging and contain 3 grams of product. The new eye shadows are lauched in 6 fun wild colors and all of the eye  shadows are paraben-free.

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