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Flormar Cosmetics Mat Touch Foundation Review

Flormar Mat Foundation Swatches shade309

Flormar mat touch foundation claims to include vitamin E since it has a new foundation texture so that you can get a matte-luminous finish, interesting mix isn’t it! It hydrates and protects the skin. I got a tester bottle of 12ml. They didn’t give me my skin tone shade in Flormar’s mat foundation but I got shade 309, what is one of the darker shades if not the darkest shade. The matte foundation comes in nine shades. Then foundation’s color range ranges from light – darker medium skin tones. Shade 309 has a yellowish – orangey undertone. Let’s put to the makeup review test Flormar mat touch foundation

Flormar Cosmetics mat touch foundation review

Flormar Cosmetics mat touch foundation is a specially formulated matte foundation that prevents shiny skin while giving the skin a natural and vibrant look. It stressed that it includes vitamin E and panthenol in order to moisturize the skin, leaving it silky and giving it a healthy look. Flormar mat touch foundation is appropriate for all skin types. It gives a perfect and natural finish. It has a velvety and smooth feeling and it’s claimed to have a water-resistant formula. Flormar’s Mat foundation provides a long-lasting coverage.

flormar mat touch foundation makeup review pros

Flormar mat touch foundation makeup review is ready. The texture of the matte foundation is velvety and smooth as stated above. It goes on smooth but when it sets it has a matte feeling to it. The coverage power is buildable but overall medium. The foundation does not oxidize. Even though the mat foundation has the word mat in it, Flormar’s mat foundation has more of a luminous finish rather than a matte one. I couldn’t wear this foundation outside of my home since I got the darkest shade so I just wore it around the house for 3 hours, so the true durability of the foundation I couldn’t figure out. To conclude my thought, this foundation is more for normal – dry skin. It gives you a luminous finish with buildable coverage perfect for all day wearing. The foundation does not feel heavy on the skin. Now let’s go the other part of the Flormar mat touch foundation makeup review.

Flormar mat touch foundation  makeup review cons

Flormar texture of the foundation has more of a luminous finish rather than matte. I would say it has only matte feeling when it sets rather then the finish. People with oily – very oily skin will probably not like this foundation since it does nothing to matte the skin. I recommend this if you have combined – dry skin. There is a flowery powdery smell to the review Flormar mat touch foundation what some people might not like, including me. Another thing that flormar should consider is to expand their choice of skin tone shades. The darkest shade can be compared to Mehron’s Celebre Pro MD1 (medium dark 1). The colors are pretty similar in tone and undertone. The foundation feels as if it is moisturizing the skin but this might not be beneficial for oilier skin. Hopefully this review was enough to help you decided if you like the foundation or not.

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Flormar Mat Foundation 309

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