My favorite makeup magazine Make-Up Artist magazine, has visited the Mercedes-Benz’s Fashion week for fall 2012 in New York City and showed them the makeup trends to expect for fall 2012. The makeup trend, which was present on the runway or better said behind the scenes on the Mercedes-Benz’s Fashion week for fall 2012 in New York City, was focused on eye makeup. This means no makeup or better said no foundation, mascara, blush and lipstick. I know a shocker! A fashion show with minimum makeup?!

photos by Melissa MacGillivray

M.A.C. Cosmetics Makeup Fall 2012 

Makeup Artist: Tom Pecheux (for M.A.C. Cosmetics) have created the makeup chart above. A beautiful pieces isn’t it. Pecheux used for M.A.C Cosmetics Fall 2012 fashion trend, neutral tones makeup plus the models also wore leather headbands to compliment the makeup. He was aiming at something new refreshing. Heavy makeup was making woman look tired and much older. Using Gesso to create a halo of white around the eyes , while a fresh dewy look using a soft pink blush would be achieved with a powder blush in the shade Breezy. This beautiful blusher was placed on the crease up to the brow to compliment the makeup.

Makeup Fall 2012 M.A.C.

M.A.C’s Makeup Artist was aiming for one thing, a newer fresher fall 2012 makeup trend. On the face chart above you cannot see this but as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, the trend is very much focused on minimum makeup that focused on eyes, but unlike most fall makeup trends they want to give the eyes a nice dewier look. Gesso was once more used on the cheekbones and to give the cheeks a rosy flush shade, he used the makeup blusher Cubic was used on the apples of the cheeks. This is why the eyelashes were only curled but no mascara was applied. This was done so that the eyes would still seem more awake and open but also to avoid any trace of heavy makeup. I assume at least clear lash / brow fix was used to set the eyelashes.A fresh makeup look.

Makeup by Tom Pecheux

In the end to compliment the rest of the M.A.C cosmetics Fall 2012 makeup trend, the makeup artist, Tom Pecheux used a soft pink lipstick (which is will be launched in the autumn and winter makeup collection 2012 that is yet to come). The pink lipstick shade, which was used by Tom Pecheux, is called Hazy Lilac, a soft pink shade, which was applied on the lips to give a natural look that compliments the other makeup that was applied on the rest of the face. In the end it was important to blot the lipstick down with Gesso. As you can read Gesso was used multiple times to complete this look. Looking at the face chart above I would like to know, what do you think of M.A.C’s newest Fall 2012 trend? Do you like the makeup that was suggested? Minimum makeup trend, love it or hate it? Read more fall makeup Issue 95 of Make-Up Artist magazine,