Sigma Paris Palette Review Swatches

Dewy skin is becoming more and more popular as a beauty trend. The dewy makeup is the latest make up trick and you should definitely try it if you are keen to the natural look. Your face can look all natural if you fake dewy skin with a proper make up. The first thing you should do is to cleanse and moisturize the skin on your face. Once you prepare your face in this way, you can start applying the foundation. Use liquid foundation if you want a flawless and dewy complexion. Apply the foundation with a brush and use your fingertips to blend it into your skin. The Sigma brushes can do wonders. The foundation will make your skin tone even, but you will have to use a concealer in those areas that need a bit more coverage.

Add a highlighter and eye shadow

If you want to accentuate your lovely features and brighten your face, you should apply a highlighter. The highlighter should be applied to the top of your cheekbones, on the forehead center and down the nose length. Use a blending brush to blend it into your skin properly. The next step is creating an eye shadow base. Shimmery shadows will do the trick. Use a fluffy, soft blending brush to apply the eye shadow over your eyelids and the lower brow bone. Coppery and soft peachy hues are great for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a blonde with blue eyes, a brunette with dark skin and brown eyes or a sandy haired girl with green eyes. You will get the natural look and your eyes will pop.

Don’t forget the eyelashes

The eyelashes are very important for the overall look. You should curl the upper eyelashes in order to open up the eyes. Apply the first coat of mascara and add a little to your lower eyelashes. If you want extra volume and length, you can use fake eyelashes. The trick is to get a natural finish. Apply the second coat of mascara once you notice that natural eyelashes have merged well with the fake eyelashes. It is advisable to choose mascara that thickens and darkens the eyelashes.

Brows, lips, and cheeks

The eyebrows can be used to frame your eyes. In order to do this, you should brush the eyebrows upwards and then use powder to fill in the eyebrow contour. Apply a lipstick with a kissable color. You can use the Sigma Beauty makeup products. The look is finished once you apply a bronzing powder to your cheeks. Take a fluffy, large Sigma powder brush and apply the bronzing powder to your cheeks with circular motions and some back and forth strokes. You can blend the bronzing powder over your forehead, temples and chin as well. If the bronzer is applied properly to the high points of the face, you will get a natural look. Make sure you tap the excess bronzing powder off the brush before applying it. The color should be build up gradually.