Essence New In Town Makeup Collection Fall 2012

Essence recently launched in Europe their latest collection the Essence New In Town Makeup Collection Fall 2012.This was launches in August 2012. In the mean while I got a few PR samples from Essence Cosmetics. When I get free samples I usually take my time before I publish the reviews. Below you can find information on what this current Essence New In Town Makeup Collection Fall 2012 contains.

Essence New In Town Makeup Collection Fall 2012



Stay All Day Longlasting Eyeshadow 

Applied once, it does not budge! The highly-pigmented colors of the stay all day longlasting eye shadows give your eye make-up an exciting touch with metallic effects. The creamy texture is extremely colorfast and won’t settle in the crease of your eyelid.

  • 08 The Magic Must Go On
  • 09 For Fairies

Super Fine Eyeliner Pen 

This super fine eyeliner has a particularly slim felt-tip applicator ideal for creating fine, subtle eyeliner looks as well as extravagant and dramatic styles.

Multi Action Mascara 

The multi action mascara is a true all-round talent! It ensures more volume, length and curve with each application for spectacular looks and a guaranteed wow-effect!

Multi Action Blackest Black Mascara 

The NEW special brush and the texture with carbon black pigments ensure more volume, more length and more curve for deepest black lashes!

Kiss Care Love Lipbalm 

The lip balm is moisturizing and pampering thanks to castor oil ingredients.

  • 01 Fruit Crush
  • 02 Purple Berries
  • 03 Fruitylicious

Nail Polish 

The new XXXL brush ensures a smooth, simple and even faster application of our nail polish. It is also extremely fast-drying, long-lasting and has a high-gloss finish.

  • 108 Ultimate Pink
  • 131 Ballerina’s Charm
  • 133 Oh My Glitter!
  • 142 Grey-t To Be Here!
  • 143 I’m the Boss