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DIY Prosthetic Mold EASY Cheap ON A BUDGET tutorial

DIY Prosthetic makeup mold cheap tutorial

Hi Everyone, you might have seen my new tutorial on my Youtube channel, make sure to SUBSCRIBE, DIY Prosthetic Makeup homemade Mold EASY cheap ON A BUDGET tutorial. If you haven’t here is what you missed. I’ve been working on a student zombie film and I needed to make a prosthetic quick. Since I never went to school of SFX but rather to beauty makeup school, I decided to research online and made my own version of a DIY cheap prosthetic mold tutorial. This was my first mold ever. I find that this is a very easy and fast way to make a prosthetic if you are on a budget or just into SFX makeup.

DIY Prosthetic mold tutorial

If you have any questions, please leave them under the video on my youtube channel. I prefer the comments to be honest. One of the questions which I got under the video was the following “Sorry if you mentioned this but how do you make the plaster and where do you find the things to make it or buy it ? Thank you ?” I’ll answer this question below after I list the products which I used in DIY Prosthetic Makeup homemade Mold EASY cheap ON A BUDGET tutorial.

  • Plaster of Paris
  • Water
  • Disposable plastic cup
  • mixing wooden stick or chop sticks.
  • oil based clay
  • Clay sculpting tools

DIY Prosthetic mold tutorial

Now back to the question from my DIY Prosthetic mold tutorialhow do you make the plaster“? If you want to know how to mix the plaster of paris with water here is a great video tutorial giving instructions as to how to do it the correct way. If you are using any other product, make sure to just follow the instructions on the bag.


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