Dior Garden Clutch comes in two version: Milly Garden (silver/pinks) and Granville Garden (green/peach). Available in: Granville Garden (nude shades) and Milly Garden (silver shades). Amazing!

5 Couleurs Palette Garden Edition is available in 2 palettes. These eyeshadow palettes are limited edition. I personally love the green eyeshadow palette. The palettes come in Garden Pastels Harmony (green shades) and Garden Roses Harmony (purple shade).

Dior Vernis Garden Party Nail Varnish in shades: waterlily (green) and Forget me not (purple) 

Dior Ultra Addict Lip Gloss comes in three shades for this makeup collection

Powder Blush Rosy Glow is very similar to the gel blush that changes shades depending on the heat of the skin. This is not a gel version, but rather a powder version.