Cut Finger Halloween Makeup 2014

Today I am showing you how to do a fun and easy special effects makeup tutorial, Cut Finger for my Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2014 series. I wanted to show you on my hand how to do this cut finger effect since I will be reusing this effect later on in another tutorial so that you can see how it’s done and use it on any part of your body to get the same effect. For this Halloween makeup tutorial you will need a few simple products which you can find in any Halloween or special effects store. The products will be listed below and make sure to watch the step by step tutorial.  If you do not like video tutorials, i have included a picture tutorial on my social media site, screenshots from the video so it’s easy to follow.

Cut Finger Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2014

For my Cut Finger Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2014, you will need the following products. 

  • light liquid blood
  • thick blood
  • modeling wax
  • spatula
  • vaseline or silicone base primer
  • liquid foundation