How To Contact me: 
  • Business ONLY (all emails will be redirected to my manager) : sponsorship queries, advertising, affiliates, brand or business communication, appearances, speaking, giveaways, events, makeup tutorials, featured posts… etc.
  • Makeup Work: Bridal Makeup, Special Event Makeup, Editorials, Professional Makeup Work, Prom Makeup, Books, Runway, Halloween Makeup, Face Painting…etc (anything related to hiring me for professional makeup work)
  • TFCD / TFP: MM members
  • Personal: reader’s personal message or question. This helps route the message to the appropriate team member. Thank you!
  • Inquiry: FAQ, inquiry, guest writer questions, and other similar inquiries
  • Guest writer: If you would like to be a guest write please read our terms here

When contacting me, please provide the following information:

  • - Date and Time
  • - Phone Number
  • - Location
  • - Number of models/people I will be working on
  • - Concept/Vision
  • - Model(s) Info or MM/Photographer’s Info or MM
  • - Type of compensation (i.e. Paid, TF, etc.)
*Please choose: business, makeup work, TFCD/TFP, inquiry or personal in order for our community manager to forward the mail to the appropriate party as soon as possible.