This look is called the colorful Colorful Arabic Makeup Eye Look. Sadly I did this look late at night so the quality of the picture and colors is not justified in the pictures. I got inspired one night around 9 am, like I usually do, to create something new. I am now focusing on a new makeup collaboration which I will release soon. This Colorful Arabic Makeup eye look was inspired by bright colors. I will list the products which I used to create this look below. I will also recreate my own look over the weekend during the day so that you can see how this Makeup look looks during daylight. This is just the first of my many new looks that I will be practicing and focus on in the near future. Until the next Colorful Arabic Makeup Eye Look enjoy this one.

I know that some might say, this ain’t an Arabic eye, but to be honest I agree but again it is. Feel free to disagree.

Colorful Arabic Makeup Looks Products:

  • Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Gold Digger
  • Flormar Neon Pink Eyeshadow
  • NYX Jumbo Black eyeliner
  • Avon Super Shock Eyeliner
  • Dramatic Black Lashes (ebay)