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Clarins Beauty Event – Tested & recommended products

I attended a Clarins beauty event and I was able to try on a few of their products. Even though I came to the event with full makeup (since that is the kind of makeup I like most) I decided to take off half of the makeup and try to redo it to see what result I will get using only their Clarins makeup and skincare products. In addition to testing their latest products I got a few Clarins beauty tips on how to combine a few of their products to get a fast and instant effect for everyday makeup routine. I have never used Clarins before and I have to say that I really loved two products that I think are awesome and worth the money. I do not have a price tag for any of the products since I was to focused on testing the products and seeing how they work on my skin.

Clarins Beauty Event 2013 Makeup collection 2014

Clarins instant eye makeup remover waterproof & heavy makeup remover

The Clarins instant eye makeup remover not only works on waterproof makeup but also on heavy makeup. Usually when I wear heavy makeup I use my eye makeup removers which are intended for waterproof makeup to remove it and I can confirm that this has the same effect as my Nivea waterproof makeup remover, the only difference is that my Nivea eye makeup remover is much cheaper. It has no noticeable smell and it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

Clarins water purify one step cleanser mint essential water (for combination to oily skin)

I used Clarins one step cleanser after the eye makeup remover just as an additional step to remove any residue that the eye makeup remover couldn’t remove. This essential water has a very pleasant mint-cucumber scent, which fades in seconds after contact with the skin. It has a similar effect to my Bioderma makeup remover. Just like all makeup removers, even this one kind of tingled on my skin for the first few seconds after I applied it. I have very thin and sensitive skin. I will continue to use my Bioderma makeup remover since it’s cheaper and they both do the same thing.

Clarins instant eye makeup remover clarins express water purify one step cleanser

Clarins Active Day early wrinkle correction cream-gel (for normal to combination skin)

I only used this Clarins active day gel-cream once so I can confirm the following facts. It has a light rose water scent that fades real fast and it has a mix of gel-cream texture and its fast absorbing. I do know that this cream would not be good for my skin on the long run since I have combination to oily skin, which is acne prone. I know that you get a good quantity of product in the bottle and a little goes a long way. I find that on touch the cream is quite hydrating and gives my skin a nice dewy, yet not oily finish.

Clarins eye contour for puffiness and dark circles

Let me first let you know that my under eye area is very dry and it tends to get puffy and even dark circles. I also have very small and barely noticeable wrinkles. So on one eye I applied this eye cream and on the other one I apply the other Clarins eye cream for dry skin and wrinkles. I am not sure how I feel about this eye contour cream for puffiness and dark circles. Here is why, I applied it on my eyes and yes in moments my puffiness was gone, the dark circles looked less dark, it had no scent, the gel was a clear greenish gel and I did feel that it hydrated mildly my under eye area. The problem showed up after it set. The texture dried matte and kind of gave a «dry finish». For people like me that have very dry under eye skin which only needs good hydration this eye contour cream would not be good for me at all since it left my skin «hunger for hydration».

Clarins eye contour to soften fine lines and dry skin.

When I read that this Clarins eye cream was for dry skin, I knew that it was for me instantly. The texture of the cream is like a thick milky white cream. It gives a matte finish but does not dry the skin. It gives a noticeable hydration to my under eye area even better than my most loved Body Shop vitamin E eye cream. The cream does not give an oily finish. I actually really liked this cream.

Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream Clarins Eye Contour Gel

Clarins Double Serum Hydric + Lipidic System Complete age control / concentrate

The Clarins Double Serum Hydric + Lipidic System comes in a bottle that has two compartments. When you get the serum out it looks like honey and is very watery. You only need a little to go far. Even though the serum looks like honey it does not have any scent. The product glides on the skin and should be used on the skin before your regular skin cream. It gives a smooth silky like finish and can be used as a primer before your foundation. This serum is for all skin types and in my opinion since it aims to work on ageing skin, I would skip it for anyone under 30 (unless you have very dry skin and noticeable wrinkles before 30). It claims to help make the skin look firmer and your wrinkles look smoother and I didn’t notice that it made my pores seem less visible. Comparing it to my Lancome dreamtone, I can say I noticed better and more instant results with my Lancome dreamtone product than with Clarins double serum.

Clarins last minute base comblante instant smooth perfecting touche.

This Clarins last minute base is basically a pore filler and an excellent primer. I can confirm that it really does make your pores seem less visible and that after you apply your foundation your skin looks very smooth. The pore filler is based on silicones. Comparing it to my Dr. Brandt pore refiner I can say that I still prefer my Dr. Brandt because it fills the pores better and you get more product but Dr. Brandt probably costs a bit more.

Clarins Double Serum Hydric Lipidic System Review

Clarins Instant concealer #2

Sadly the Clarins instant concealer #1 wasn’t available and #2 was very pink with medium coverage which is buildable to full. The texture is liquid and can be used on your under eye area. If you apply it correctly it will not crease. Using the correct shades you can cover acne scars. I really loved this product for under eye are and remember a little goes a very long way. This is so far one of the better under eye concealers that I used. For acne, I still prefer my cream foundations, but this one is not bad at all.

Clarins Instant light brush on perfector

Is basically a dupe of the YSL touche pen. The Clarins instant light brush on perfector does not crease because it has a very light texture. I tested the shade #1 which has a salmon – pink undertone which is perfect for under eye bags. I really liked this it since it covered my under eye bags and highlighed that same areas so that it resulted in a kim kardashian contour finish.

Clarins Instant Concealer 02 Instant Light brush On Perfector

Clarins everlasting foundation

I tested the Clarins everlasting foundation in shade 107 (cool undertone) 108 (warm undertone). The foundation should last for 15 hours and contains SPF 15. It claims to be full coverage. I am not sure was it the way I was applying it but it offered medium coverage but I believe that it can be built up to full coverage. It covers most of my acne scars and dark spots but not all. The foundation has one interesting thing about it, it had a scent of fresh cucumbers. The scent was noticeable but faded after a short time. The foundation offers a semi-matte finish which looks very natural on the skin.

Clarins extra comfort foundation

Comes in a small container and reminds me of a mousse foundation, but it’s not anything like that even though it’s packed in the same way or at least the tester was. Besides that it contains SPF 15 and is like a thick liquid – cream foundation which also has a cucumber scent. This foundation offers medium coverage and I think would be ideal for all skin types since it really hydrates the skin. Clarins considers this to be the ideal winter foundation which is not oily yet hydrates the skin and even oily skins can wear the Clarins extra comfort Foundation. I used this foundation as a contour product.

Clarins Poudre multi-eclat translucent radiant finish powder

I tested the shades #1 light (cool undertone) and #2 medium (warm undertone) I have to say that I have tested many finish powders such as: Ben Nye, Mehron, Illamasqua, Mac…etc. and none of them were as finely mild as this one. This is the best finish powder for my under eye area. It doesn’t crease, it doesn’t enhance your dry patches, it gives your skin a smooth and silky finish. No matter what shade I used it didn’t change the color of my foundation. It’s not noticeable on the skin but gives an amazing matte finish with a slight radiant finish. Clarins Poudre multi-eclat translucent radiant finish powder is a must try.

Clarins multi-eclat poudre

Clarins Instant light natural lip perfector

Clarins lip perfector is probably the best thing that I tried during the entire event. I love how light it felt on my lips yet it automatically hydrates my very dry lips. I used the shade #5 which is a pinkish shade that really reminded me of that classic Kim Kardashian lip color for her smoky eyes. This is a MUST HAVE product and I highly recommend this as a christmas gift this year. This product will not only super hydrate your lips but will color them and is ideal for winter. It looks so natural on the lips while offering a mild gloss finish and it’s not sticky or gooey.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector Makeup Review

Clarins crayon kohl

Clarins kohl in shade 01 intense black is another favorite product from that day. My normal HG kohl is from Bourjois but this not only beat it by the pigmentation but also but the longevity. Its excellent for smokey eyes because it’s creamy but yet long lasting even on the waterline. I am in love with this Khol and will be buying it as soon as I use up my other black kohls from Bourjois.

Clarins blush prodige illuminating cheek colour

Since I have a billion blushes I took the shade which I knew would suit me best, the Clarins Blush prodige 02 soft peach. Soft peach has very subtle and noticeable golden particles on the blush itself but after you apply it you do not see the «glitter/shimmery» particles but your blush does give that golden glow with the soft peach pigmentation. The blush is very pigmented, it doesn’t enhance the pores and gives a beautiful natural dewy finish.

Clarins eyebrow pencil the ultimate eyebrow grooming pencil

Clarins eyebrow pencil in shade 01 dark brown and 02 light brown are ideal from medium to dark hair. I used both to get that unique shade. The pencils are soft yet waxy and very pigments. I really love the pencils and it reminds me of my ELF cosmetics eyebrow pencil but less waxy and more natural. It’s very similar to my Sigma Beauty dual-ended brow pencil.

Clarins Eyebrow Pencil Makeup Review

Clarins eye quartet mineral eye shadow palette

The Clarins eye shadow palette in 02 Nudes is absolutely beautiful (ignore my picture it was taken in poor lighting) The shades are ideal for everyday makeup. I loved all the shades and they were all very pigmented but the peach shade was a bit chunky as if it had some «glitter» in it but when applied on the skin it gave a beautiful glow which would look great on the eyes and it did contain tiny glitter particles.

Clarins Blush Review

Well that is all I tried at the Clarins beauty event and I have to repeat that the products which I strongly believe are worth every penny, even though I do not know the price of them are:

  1. Clarins Poudre multi-eclat translucent radiant finish powder
  2. Clarins blush prodige  illuminating cheek colour
  3. Clarins Instant light natural lip perfector
  4. Clarins crayon khol

p.s. Oh no, I forgot to test the Clarins fix make up spray, ah I guess another time.

My final look (not including the eyes) only using Clarins skincare and makeup products…

smashinbeauty clarins event

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