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Caroline Flack’s killer legs due to full body make-up ?!

What is the secret to Caroline’s Killer Legs?

32 year old X-factor Caroline Flack is famous for many things and one of those things are her killer legs. She was voted as one of the top 50 sexiest woman on FHM list in 2012. Caroline Flack‘s claims to have a secret to getting those killer legs, and she claims it’s not only working out but something else that comes in a small bottle. 

Caroline had revealed her well kept secret to Heat Magazine: “I put it everywhere, not just my face. It works. My legs get attention.”. The £25.50 a bottle gives Caroline those amazing all-round dewy legs that most people want. Caroline uses MAC’s face and body foundation which is a water-based, water-resistant foundation that gives a natural skin like coverage. The foundation claims to moisturizes and conditions the skin.

Caroline’s secret weapon?

Of course without a good workout you can’t get killer legs like that. Her personal trainer Ulisses helps Caroline Flack tone her legs to get her beautifully tones legs. And when she evens out her legs with MAC’s face & body foundation she gets those killer legs. Like many woman, Caroline is on the fight against cellulite and I guess this works for her. 

My question here is would you cover your legs with a foundation to get perfect dewy legs? 

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