Cara delevingne makeup tutorial met gala 2013 smokey eye punk

Today’s special makeup tutorial is Cara Delevingne Met Gala 2013 inspired makeup tutorial. The look that Cara was wearing was a smokey eye look from Burberry. Usually you can see her with absolutely no makeup on or with a nice smokey eye look. Since Cara Delevingne has large eyes, she looked amazing with the met gala 2013 makeup look. Women with large eyes tend to look much better with smokey eye makeup than women with small eyes. If you have brown eyes then this is the tutorial for you, but if you have blue eyes then just swap the look up with a dark gray eye shadow.

Cara Delevingne Met Gala 2013 makeup tutorial

Cara Delevingne Met Gala 2013 inspired makeup tutorial is a very classic smokey eye look that suits most people, unless you have very small eyes than this look will make your eyes seem even smaller. If you have prominent or very large eyes then you can pull this look off not only for a club night look but also for a sultry day smokey eye look. In this video, if you have noticed, I did make my eyebrows thicker than I usually have them since Cara Delevingne has very thick and full eyebrows naturally so to make this look believable, I decided to draw on my eyebrows a bit thicker what some of you might have noticed.

Cara Delevingne Met Gala 2013 makeup look

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