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Building Your Makeup Kit Part 3: Makeup Storage

After discussing how to transfer your makeup in my how to build your makeup kit part 2: makeup cases & bags. It’s time to discuss a new yet similar topic, how to transfer your makeup within those makeup bases or bags. When you transfer your makeup you really want your makeup to be organized and ready to use when you need it. The last thing you want to do is waste your time digging for one lip liner, which is for some odd reason on the bottom of you makeup case. This is not only time consuming but it also gives out a very unprofessional vibe. Today’s topic is a continuation of the previous top, how to build your makeup part 3: makeup storage.

Building Your Makeup Kit Part 3: Makeup Storage

With today’s topic, how to build your makeup part 3: makeup storage, I wanted to mention that it’s important to have some kind of organization within your makeup bag. First, I would recommend that you store the similar products together, for example you store all your lip liners together or you store all your liquid foundations together or all your lipsticks together…etc. I find that it helps you get more organized if you store like with like and in that way you reach for what you in automatically without searching for the product somewhere within your makeup case or bag.

Building Your Makeup Kit Makeup Storage

Within larger makeup cases and bags you will need smaller storage items to separate and organize your makeup products, for easy access to each product. Here are a few recommended products that are intended for transporting makeup in a friendlier manner.


I am a huge palette fan and find that it is a must amongst makeup artist that travel to their clients or go on set. For example, instead of carrying your lipstick in the original tubes, depot them and transfer them into a palette. If you have one of those old sample foundations palettes, depots them first, clean and sterilize them and then place your lipsticks in them. You can also buy ready to use empty palettes such as what Japonesque offers.

Travel-size containers and bottles

Travel-size containers and bottles are ideal when you don’t want to carry a big bottle of anything with you. Also, they are very good when you might customize a liquid foundation or something else liquid or even cream.

Clear plastic bag

Clear plastic bags are ideal for storing you mini bottles of foundation, lip liners, lipsticks…etc all in one place so that it doesn’t scatter all around your makeup bag. You can find many companies online that sell these kinds of bags and if you are on a budget you can use ziplock bags which are practical in some cases.

Magnetic palettes

I also love to depot my powders and place them in my custom magnetic palettes. You can buy ones from Z palette or you can make your own magnetic palettes. I have made my own magnetic palettes and I have also recorded a DIY magnetic palette tutorial for all of you that want a professional looking magnetic palette that looks like a MAC palette.


Disposables are awesome when you don’t have enough makeup brushes for any reason. You can buy disposable applicators, spatulas, mascara wands, lip brushes…etc.

These are the basic ideas on how to store your makeup in your makeup bags and cases. If you have any other tips for how to build your makeup part 3: makeup storage, please feel free to leave a comment below with your ideas and suggestions.

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