Bobbi brown cosmetics is celebrating its 20thanniversary, how exciting! Bobbi Brown has been in the make up industry forsuch a long time and still manages to launch makeup that every makeup artistwould die for. I am totally crazy for the cream foundation palette, which Bobbibrown released a while back. I have tried many other products from hercosmetics line and I must admit that they truly are top notch quality and worthevery penny! So, it’s no wonder why she is able to celebrate her 20thanniversary. I am not only looking forward to this special collection but I amso looking forward to any new upcoming collection in the future. Now, let uslook at Bobbi Brown cosmetics 20th anniversary collection.
20thanniversary make up collection
    The new 20th anniversary makeup collection was inspiredbuy non other then her mother. When Bobbi was a child she spent many hoursgoing around with her mother and watching her mother put makeup on clients for specialcocktail parties and also on Hollywood celebrities, such as Marilyn Monroe. BobbiBrown cosmetics 20th Anniversary Collection was inspired by all that glitterfrom cocktails parties and old fashion Hollywood glam. When I look at the eyeshadow I think to myself 1940s/50s. In short, what does this collection consistof: a lip palette, dual ended eye liners, perfume, eye paint palette, partyshimmer brick. Bobbi Brown cosmetics 20th anniversary Collection lookslike a must buy!
1991Lip Palette with make up brush
    The 1991 lip palette which includes a make up brush, was named like this because back in 1991 Bobbiwas discouraged by the lack of flattering lip colors that were available, so shedecided to create her won palette! She made her initial ten shades, whichhad a brown base because in her opinion, they were the most natural complimentto a woman’s natural skin tone. Soon after, Bergdorf Goodman spottedher and then later on launched her lip palette collection, which resulted inher over night success. Her phone was ringing off the hook and every store and MUA wantedthis collection. Her new lip palette is a combination of old meets new. Bobbi Brown decided to name her new palette as the 1991Lip Palette that of course included a make up brush.
Cosmeticsworth the money?!
Cosmetics worth the money?! Of course, don’t be silly! When I first saw this palette I was like, how much will this palettecost? The palette is worth around $115, but it retails for ONLY $60! I haveother palettes that have fewer shades and cost more then this palette. Thepalette was tailor-made for lippie lovers. This is a collector’s edition isfor all cosmetics lovers! It features the 10 original lip shades launched byBobbi in 1991 plus 10 bright, ultra modern new shades. You can wear each shadeon it’s own or you can go crazy and mix and match until you find that perfectcustom shade, what will be my scenario in most cases. This palette truly is what is defined as cosmetics worth the money! 

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