Bad Hair Days Be Gone


I ran into an article which I found interesting 
it was about bad hair 

1. Keep it Trim!

Losing the dead ends will make your hair look healthier instantly. You should get a trim about every 6 weeks. 

2. Comb with Care!
Detangle knots either by hand or with a comb (NEVER with a brush). Wide-toothed, wooden combs are best for this. Conditioners will also help to ease the stress.

 3. Get Rid of the Shampoo!
Avoid lathering up every day (it will dry out your hair). When buying shampoo, look for ones without silicone ingredients, which are bad for any kind of hair.

 4. Oil up!
Olive oil makes a great at-home hot treatment. Warm up some oil and soak your hair from root to tip. Wrap in a towel and let it sit for an hour or two. Lather up and rinse for silky smooth hair! Out of olive oil? Mayonnaise will also do the trick. 

5. Take the Heat Off!
Hair dryers and flat irons can damage hair. Give your tresses a break at least once a week. Braid or bun it up for a classic (heat-free) style
Written By: Amanda Farah

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