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Dark Blue Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial


SmashinBeauty is a professional glam beauty and halloween make-up artist that started her own website to contribute and share her knowledge and ideas to the online makeup community. SmashinBeauty has been painting since she was a kid, so it only seemed natural to continue her gift onto makeup. She started off as a self-taught makeup artist in the industry, back in 2009, but in 2011 attended a Robert Jones beauty academy after which she decided to continued her education to obtained her degree as a professional makeup artist at Illamasqua. Her love for makeup and blogging started back in 2007, while she was still attending University and had a full time job. After graduating University, she continued working two jobs and as freelance makeup artist.

Today SmashinBeauty is a full time makeup artist, beauty blogger and YouTube guru. In her spare time she still continues to paint, is an actor, travels, has fun with photography and hangs out with her other artist friends in various industry, especially in the music industry. She is very passionate about halloween and sfx makeup. Her dream is to continue her education in the movie and theater industry.

Smashinbeauty’s website is a makeup and beauty website that writes about beauty product reviews, makeup tips and tricks, beauty tips and tricks, hair tips, skincare, DIY projects, blogger tips, recent beauty news and product launches. Also she features her makeup tutorials from her YouTube channel.

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